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Éste es el título del próximo evento onbranding, el evento se realiza en coordinación conMicrosoft España y la Facultat La Salle Ingeniería de la Universitat Ramon Llull de Barcelona y tendrá lugar el próximo 4 de julio de 2013.

El evento se enmarca en una de las especialidades de onbranding, la gestión de la reputación y la ciberinvestigaciónonbranding colabora con distintos profesionales de estos 4 ámbitos (reputación, seguridad, legalidad y comunicación) desde hace meses se ha detectado la necesidad de mejorar la protección y el cuidado de las marcas tanto personales y comerciales.

OBJETIVO Y CONCEPTO DEL EVENTO: PROTEGE Y CUIDA TU MARCA y tu comunicación doméstica y comercial


A diferentes profesionales del sector de la comunicación, el ámbito de la seguridad, sector jurídico y de legalidad así como empresario y  directivos:

  • Profesionales de la comunicación: social media managers, community managers, content curators, diseñadores gráficos, diseñadores multimedia

  • Profesionales del derecho: abogados especializados en derecho online y delitos cibernéticos y telemáticos, abogados especializados en propiedad intelectual…

  • Profesionales de la seguridad y la informática: Responsables de seguridad, programadores

  • Profesionales autónomosempresarios y pymes: Directores de empresas que albergan,country managers





Online Communication Conference Copenhague, 5 y 6 Mayo 2011

Online Communication Conference,  de lo más interesante, conferencia de 2 días, 5 y 6 de Mayo, en Copenhaguen; en la que se discutirá sobre  el uso de los medios sociales en la comunicación corporativa, a cargo de Philippe Borremans, Head of Communications, Van Marcke Group. Carsten Rossi, Managing Director en Kuhn, Kammann & Kuhn dará su conferencia sobre Social Media in Action: Enabling change and supporting M&A processes.

Además de muchos casos de éxito como por ejemplo Honda.

El programa del evento

Thursday, 05. May 2011

03:00 pm – 03:15 pm

Opening Statement
The Importance of Online Communications


03:15 pm – 04:00 pm

Case Study
Corporate Communications in a Web 2.0 Environment

During this session, Philippe Borremans, Chief Social Media Officer for Van Marcke Group, will give an overview of the strategy, the tactics and the implications of integrating social media communications into the larger scope of business operations and this in both a B2B, B2C, and a B2E environment. Borremans will include examples from Van Marcke’s projects, including the roll out of an internal social media collaboration platform for employees, social media as public relations, marketing and customer support and also how they have applied social media for change communications and innovation.

SpeakerPhilippe Borremans
Head of Communications, Van Marcke Group

04:00 pm – 04:45 pm

Case Study
Social Media in Action: Enabling change and supporting M&A processes

Carsten Rossi, of Kuhn, Kammann & Kuhn, presents a best case on the evolution of online communications through mergers and acquisitions and will feature a historical perspective on European M&A communications best practices which will end with the most innovative concepts of modern Social Media and 2.0 communications. Through this historical perspective, participants will get an insight into the main ideas and concepts of best-practice online-based change communications, while also learning about today’s state of the art tools and tactics of social communications.

SpeakerCarsten Rossi
Managing Director, Kuhn, Kammann & Kuhn

04:45 pm – 05:15 pm

Coffee Break


05:15 pm – 06:00 pm

Case Study
Reaching the Social Media Generation: Honda spares no resources

Honda’s social media approach seeks to nurture and support communities which already exist while encouraging others to develop as well. They have developed this approach based on the understanding that Honda’s social media peers are already better equipped to keep each other stimulated than Honda would be on its own. This presentation, which will feature the social media-activated ‘Live Every Litre’ project, will give an overview of the project’s original motivation, its targets, and the project itself. It will also feature an outlook on future strategy and activities.

SpeakerChristoph Rust
Manager of European Product Public Relations, Honda

06:00 pm – 07:45 pm

Case Study
Successful Creativity: Vac from the Sea case study

Brands are increasingly defined by the actions of the companies they represent. Vac from the Sea is an example of corporate action as branding. The project springs from the insight that there is not enough recycled plastic on land to make vacuum cleaners made from 100% recycled plastic, while in the oceans there are continent-sized patches of plastic floating freely. So Electrolux embarked on a quest to model a number of concept vacuum cleaners from this reclaimed material.The project earned the title of Best Campaign at last year’s European Excellence Awards, and it’s still engaging consumers, green communities, the media and Electrolux stakeholders around the world.

SpeakerJonas Bodin
Creative Director, Prime PR
SpeakerJulia Emmerich
Head Project Coordinator, Electrolux

from 08:00 pm

Dinner Reception
A Sound Strategy… And a Sense of Humour

How do you get people to see beyond the less glamorous aspects of your company and focus on the positives? In the case of Danish Crown foods, it comes down to emphasising their achievements in farming, and introducing humour into communications via their social media platform. Today the company is among the top ten companies in Denmark in terms of reputation, and in this talk, Anne Villemoes, Head of Communications, will explain how their handling of social media has made headlines for the past three years.

SpeakerAnne Villemoes
Head of Communications, Danish Crown

Friday, 06. May 2011

09:00 am – 09:45 am

Case Study
Transforming Online Communication and Work Processes at Telenor

Telenor’s ‘Way of Work’ internal communication platform has changed not only the way the group’s employees communicate, but also the way they do business. Learn how to implement similar strategies and how to integrate technology into your internal network through this best-case example by Kai Rosenberg.

SpeakerKai Rosenberg
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Telenor Group

09:45 am – 10:30 am

Case Study
Social Meda to the Rescue: Eurocontrol’s response to the volcanic ashcloud crisis

The closing of airspace due to the Eyjafjallajökull volcano was a crisis few will soon forget. As the number of grounded flights and passengers increased exponentially, so did the number of visitors to Eurocontrol’s official website, Facebook page and Twitter account. Aurélie Valtat will relate the lessons learned during this challenging period about social media and crisis.

SpeakerAurelie Valtat
Online Communications Manager, Eurocontrol

10:30 am – 11:00 am

Coffee Break


11:00 am – 11:20 am

Measurement and Tracking Tools: Get to know the movement of your target groups

Social media monitoring tools are a hot topic right now, but is it all just hype? Can free tools help improve your social media presence? And what do these tools do, anyway? This session will introduce the world of social media monitoring and show how it’s not just for geeks.

SpeakerMargaret O’Donnell
Digital Media Manager, British Red Cross


Social Media on a Shoestring

This workshop will look at the ways in which companies can balance budgets whilst developing and implementing a suitable social media strategy. From securing management board buy-in to the day-to-day running of social media initiatives, we will explore the creative solutions that professionals can apply to get cost-effective results. Using examples from Monster Worldwide and highlighting some great successes (and lacklustre initiatives) from a variety of companies, participants will acquire a set of blueprints that will allow them to define social media for their own business.

SpeakerIsabelle Ratinaud
Marketing Director, Monster UK & Ireland


Viral is Dead, But Video has Only Just Begun

With more than 200,000 videos uploaded every day, the competition for online attention is increasingly tough, forcing us to re-think our understanding of how to use online video in marketing and advertising. Mads Holmen of GoViral will explain some new strategies in this in-depth workshop on viral video and social media.

SpeakerMads Holmen
Planning Director, GoViral


Keys to a Successful Web 2.0 Strategy

In this interactive workshop you can learn about the steps for creating a successful campaign using social media. We will present best practise case studies, take key lessons and engage the audience in applying the theory into practice through relevant exercises.

SpeakerRichard Coope
Head of Digital Media, Radley Yeldar
SpeakerAntti Kangaslahti
Digital Researcher & Consultant, Radley Yeldar


How to Listen, Engage, and Build Trust: The basics of avoiding social media pitfalls

Domino’s Pizza, United Airlines, Eurostar, Nestlé: all have endured online attacks. How are you going to prevent the same thing happening to your organisation? In this workshop, ways of avoiding the pitfalls of social media will be examined. The starting point will be to investigate why listening online is no longer enough and will then look at strategies for engaging an audience and building a reputation of trust via social media. The workshop will look at both positive and negative examples, and will involve all audience members in determining what the ideal outcome would have been in each case.

SpeakerJon Worth
Partner, techPolitics LLP

03:30 pm – 03:50 pm

Closing Feature
eEttiquette: What to wear on twitter

The new digital lifestyle is changing our lives and our behaviour; juggling a multitude of communication channels has resulted in previously-unimaginable new challenges. The Creation Center at Telekom Laboratories has explored the ‘dos and don’ts’ of interacting with digital media, resulting in a book and website which aim to reveal unspoken behavioural rules, spark debate, and engage in the development of new ‘well-mannered’ service ideas.

SpeakerRaimund Schmolze
Head of Ideation & User Experience Development, Deutsche Telekom

03:50 pm – 04:00 pm

Closing Statement


Colaboran en este congreso




Ranking cursos community manager, social media, 2.0, redes sociales, marketing digital, comunicación online, medios sociales

Esta mañana, tras la llamada de un amigo y tras varias preguntas que me han planteado a lo largo de los últimos meses, y que no todas he sabido contestar, he pedido a dos amigos del sector (Lourdes y Borja) y a otros muchos colaboradores (twitteros, fcb friends, linkedin..) ayuda para elaborar este RANKING de cursos de community manager, englobando tras este «comercial» nombre la siguiente nube de tags: community manager, gestor de comunidades, comunidades virtuales, social media, 2.0, redes sociales, marketing digital, comunicación online, medios sociales, neo publicidad (y alguno más qeu seguro se nos queda en el tintero).

Para poder establecer un patrón de búsqueda hemos analizado la formación en: título,organización, certificado, duración,precio,ponentes,programa, notoriedad, web, lugar y fecha. Y por zonas geográficas: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao y Canarias (con esto no queremos menospreciar a ninguna zona sino simplemente acotar la búsqueda y quedar abierta a todas aquellas propuestas qeu nos puedan hacer).

Para poder publicarlo lo antes posible agradeceríamos que nos mandarais vuestras referencias,

Keep on rockin’